Most frequent questions and answers

We, as a family, have always been dog owners. We have owned many breeds of dog and have had many champions; even world champion dogs from Europe and elsewhere. Not only conformation competitions but also were highly involved with working dogs. We even had a Schutzhund club that would meet at our property several days per week.

We have traveled across the continents to find quality dogs for our many customers, as well as for myself. We have a qualified dog finding team that works extensively across continents to find the perfect puppy for you. Our mission is to bring you a quality puppy that has been hand-selected by members of our staff. Our staff is composed of FCI judges across the continents that inspect each puppy and then licensed veterinarians to inspect your puppy again. Our puppies will never come out of puppy mills like so m

Yes. We offer a health guarantee for all puppies. Please see the terms and conditions under our Purchase/Health Guarantee Contract. All buyers must sign the agreement w

Yes. Our puppies receive the necessary vaccinations for their age, and any additional vaccinations that are required to meet your country’s import regulations.

Yes! Nothing is more important to us at Pet Find SA. It is our main goal to ensure that your puppy is healthy. All breeding kennels are inspected by at least one of our staff to ensure that all puppies come from happy, healthy, and caring homes. Once your new puppy is selected, 

The price of the dog includes the airline approved crate, veterinary costs before arrival, veterinary certificate, vaccinations, and deworming. The cost of delivery is not included, as are additional expenses that may vary by location.

Once you have selected your puppy, the shipping fee depends on several factors: destination, airport, airline, the size of the dog and crate, and weather conditions. Prices can vary greatly depending on the country to which the puppy is being shipped. Many countries have very strict guidelines. If you have questions in regard to your country’s import regulations please contact us  Since countries have different guidelines that control the transportation of puppies by age, may require a quarantine, or other determining factors. light travel times will vary. We ship all puppies with pet-friendly airlines that cate


It is recommended that you feed them healthy puppy food for at least the first year. Please refer to your local veterinarian for a good meal plan for your breed of dog and dog’s age.