Pets for homes

We are only after loving and pet approved homes for our babies

We sell a variety of dogs of different breeds. Our main priority is getting a dog a new home and not out for profit making, nothing makes us more happy than seeing one of our pets go home to his/her new loving and caring family

our kennel is extremely clean and neat. We pass every inspection with super flying colors. Our kennel is extremely comfortable and very well made, we designed it ourselves to be easy on the dogs and easy to clean and disinfect. We have no concrete or bare metal. Often when people visit us they say our kennel looks like a vet’s office! We have a large commercial grooming tub/wash sink, lots of storage area, a grooming table, and a breeding table, not to mention various assorted plants and decorative items (plus carpet!) Our kennel is a pleasure to be in and very comfortable.

When we are expecting a litter of pups the expecting mother is brought into the house to be watched closely, we have a special whelping pen that we use for each litter, mom and babies reside in this pen until the babies are up and moving about freely. Mom, of course, goes outside to potty and this enables her to be completely crate trained so when she is retired she will already know how to behave indoors and to be created, she will also be aware of all household noises and daily life commotion. This is where our puppies are socialized and they too learn inside noises and daily life sounds.